GMO Labeling Lies, Lies, Lies!

GGgggggrrrrr… nothing is more frustrating at this very moment than the anti-labeling propaganda infiltrating Colorado airwaves and mailboxes! Did you know that as of today, between Colorado and Oregon, $30 MILLION has spent on media B.S. to keep YOU confused? Monsanto is leading in spending with $8.1 mil, followed by DuPont at $7.46 mil, with the balance of money provided …

colleenpatrice@hotmail.comGMO Labeling Lies, Lies, Lies!

GMO: Did You Know?

Did you know that between 1996 and 2011, the cultivation of Monsanto’s GMO “RoundUp Ready Crops” increased the used of the toxic ingredient, Glyphosate, by 527 million pounds in the U.S. alone? Did you know that the use of Dow’s newly approved crops (known as “Enlist”) that areĀ  genetically modified to withstand 2,4 D (a key ingredient in the Vietnam …

colleenpatrice@hotmail.comGMO: Did You Know?

UPDATE and Opportunity: 2,4 D “Agent Orange Ready Crops”

Unfortunately, the USDA did approve 2,4 D (one of the primary ingredients in Agent Orange) crops. What does this mean exactly? This approval means that: The USDA ignored science, consumer petitions and public outcry, as well as pleas from our Champions in Congress who care. Dow Chemical has been given the green light to market a new strain of genetically …

colleenpatrice@hotmail.comUPDATE and Opportunity: 2,4 D “Agent Orange Ready Crops”

Who wants to keep you in the DARK?

We all deserve the right to CHOOSE what we put into our bodies. Period. No more discussion required. Vote for TRANSPARENCY. Vote for the Freedom to Choose. Vote for protecting People over Profit. Do you know who’s spending the most money to keep YOU in the dark, blindly consuming their toxic products ? Check this out (courtesy of Oregon Right …

colleenpatrice@hotmail.comWho wants to keep you in the DARK?